Weathertop  LbNA # 6040

Placed DateOct 6 2003
LocationCleveland, OH
Planted ByThrenody    
Found By cattails.clg
Last Found Oct 17 2010
Hike Distance?

Weathertop Letterbox
1.5 miles round-trip
Difficulty: easy
1 pace= 1 footfall
Currently, this LB has no stamp pad. Please bring your own.

Take I-480 to the Columbia Road (Rt 252) exit. Go south on Great Northern Boulevard to Butternut Ridge. Turn left onto Butternut Ridge. At stop sign take a left onto Columbia. At the light, take a right down Cedar Point Road. Shortly after crossing a bridge over the Rocky River, take a left onto the Valley Parkway. You will again cross another bridge over Rocky River. Take a left into the parking lot of the Rocky River Nature Center. Down the wide walkway is the Nature Center, and a path to the right of the building leads you to the beginning of the trails.

On lofty Mt. Pleasant
Doth this letterbox dwell.
The clues to find it
This poem shall tell.

From the Nature Center take
The path of the oak leaf and goose.
When you come to a crossroads,
North path you must choose.

Before you lay a road,
It bears the shepherd’s name.
Be sure to look both ways
Ere you cross this lane.

Over hill and in hollow
Does the stony path wend.
`Tis the way you must follow:
Go `round the bend.

The path straight ahead
Is pleasant indeed.
Continue on South;
Turn not to the East.

Up a flight of steps
Your path you will take.
Ahead is a bench
If you desire a break.

In my humble opinion,
This trail is the chief.
Continue on forward
`Til you come to a leaf.

Hmm? Did I notice
It’s a forest you’re in?
My friend, the leaf you want
Is made out of tin.

At the sign of the leaf,
On the left-hand side,
A great big old tree
Will greet your sight.

Step off the path,
Halfway `round the tree,
Before you 14 paces
A log you will see.

Inside this log
A letterbox would fit.
But it is not here;
It’s ahead just a bit.

You’re almost there!
Nearly straight ahead
7 paces is a stump
Where the LB is hid.

Update as of 6/20/2008: The log book for this LB is full; there will be a new one by July. Sorry for the inconvenience!