Goose Trail  LbNA # 60447

Placed DateDec 31 2011
LocationIowa City, IA
Found By The Kolwey Kids
Last Found Apr 20 2013
Hike Distance?

Start at the trail head just south of the public school named for Iowa’s most famous artist. Continue straight past the first branch in the trail. Before you get to the next branch, look west to see the flock of metal geese who follow the wind. You’re close! Stay on the east side of the trail, before the big curve. Step off the trail to the east, just to the tree line. Look among the brambles, between the two largest trees. You’ll find barbed canes bearing berries in the summer, with barbed bales of wire beyond. Tucked inside the southernmost bale, you’ll find the box with inkable geese rendered in rubber.

The distance from the trailhead to the box location is between .5 and .75 of a mile, maybe a bit more.