Joseph A Dice Swinging Bridge  LbNA # 60470

OwnerRather Be    
Placed DateOct 23 2011
LocationWarsaw, MO
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Hike Distance?

Park at the east end of the bridge. Cross the bridge and read the plaque.

Add the dates together. Subtract the number of cable strands. Add the digits of your answer together. This is the "magic number."

Go back across the bridge and take the south path along the river. Stand next to the 2nd highway support pillar and look toward the swinging bridge. Find the tree that is hanging over the river.

Walk back on the path until you are even with this tree. Turn your back to the hanging tree and look across the path for a message written on a tree.

Take the "magic number" of steps up the hill behind the tree. Look under a large rock that has a picture clue from the message.

Please re-hide the box well under the rock.