The Pacifiq Crown  LbNA # 60488

OwnerSun n Shine    
Placed DateJan 9 2012
LocationHwy 101-small park on North side of Bay, Depoe Bay, OR
Found By blues moon
Last Found Apr 11 2012
Hike Distance?

To commemorate the weekend of our romantic getaway
we decided to place this letterbox in the town of Depoe Bay.

To find the box, start at the beginning, which of course is very nifty.
On the North end of town youíll find a motel with a view, which is cute & very thrifty.

Park along Hwy 101 at the North end of the Bay
And if you have a second pop into the office and tell Russell and Bonnie we said ďHey!Ē

The Crown Pacifiq was where we stayed, and it sure was mighty fine.
Across the road is a small public park with an even smaller sign.

Walk down the hill to this tiny park, blink and you might miss it.
Just a bench and 2 picnic tables are all thatís there, but itís cute, so donít dismiss it.

Sit on the bench and enjoy the view of the ocean, itís quite smashing,
and look for a path that leads you down to where the waves are crashing.

Now let your gaze wander to the right, beyond the picnic table,
towards the old gray run down house that isnít very stable.

Although the house is rickety and isnít much to see
in the park on that side you will find a solitary tree.

Go to the tree and look at the ocean thru the trees that are in a clump,
then look down towards the ground and you will find a somewhat hidden stump.

Do your best to find the box, I know that you are able.
In a hole under roots you will find it between the stump and the picnic table.

(Note: There is no need to actually walk down the path to the shoreline to find the letterbox. It is included in the poem because it is a nice feature of this tiny little gem of a park, and we hope you will enjoy all it has to offer. A word of warning- the surf can be very strong here, so make sure you are safe and know the tide schedule should you decide to head down to the water.)