Fish, Birds & Bugs  LbNA # 60510

Placed DateJan 15 2012
LocationLoyce Harpe Park, Mulberry, FL
Found By NotMyCircus
Last Found May 4 2013
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Fish, Birds & Bugs

Fish, Birds & Bugs (3)

Box #1 Fish

Begin at W. Carter rd. and N. Church Ave. head East....

Go 0.5 miles and turn right. Next, go 0.4 miles and turn right again. You will be on a dirt road, follow on the winding road for 0.6 miles and you will see a fork in the road, turn left and park in the parking area. Walk to the place where you put your boat. With your back to the water at the waters edge you are only 135 yards from the Fish. You will need to start walking away from water and stay to the right on dirt following it onto the first bike trail on the right. You will follow the bike trail (stay right). WATCH OUT FOR BIKERS! Remember to count your paces (1 Yard = 1 Large Pace). Once you are nearing the 135 yards watch on the right for a tree that has three trunks at the ground about 10-12 feet off the trail at the edge of a hill to water. Once you find this tree you will want to go to the west side of the tree and look knee high covered with moss, you will find Fish here.. Please be sure to re-hide Fish well..

Box #2 Bird (recently moved by a few feet since people could not find it)

Starting at your car after finding Fish... You will need to exit parking area by heading south, turn left at the road. Continue on the road for 0.5 miles until the dead end.. Begin here and walk 65 yards to the East at thins point you will see bike trails on your left. AGAIN WATCH OUT FOR BIKERS! Head towards trails and where it splits go Right for about 116 yards. Keep watching for a pair of palm trees which are about 6 feet apart from eachother on your left. You will find Bird under log that is between these trees. Please re-hide Bird well.

Box #3 Bug (recently moved by a few feet since people could not find it)

Starting at the dead end, head back towards where you began. You will travel until you reach the pavement and stay to the right. Continue until you see a dirt road on right that goes past a baseball field. Take this dirt road until you reach a sign that says "No Unauthorized Vechiles beyond this point" Park your car and walk thru gates about 50 yards towards dunes. Look over to your left and you will see stacks of old concrete drainage tubes. Look at top of hill behind these tubes, you will find big tree, beyond that tree there is a palmetto tree and your will find Bug in there. Please re-hide Bug, this is a high traffic place for kids and we don't want him to be found. Thank you!

This is my first time Placing Letter Boxes, please let me know how I did and if you enjoyed yourself. Bill