Mount Hope  LbNA # 606

Placed DateJul 4 2001
LocationRockaway, NJ
Found By (hidden)
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Mount Hope
Mount Hope Historic Park
Placed 07/04/01 by Wingfoot
Rockaway, Morris County, New Jersey

Hunt this box at your own risk.

Clues: Easy
Terrain: Easy with several short climbs
Time: 1 hour


Route 80 exit 35. There are small road signs directing you to the park that is on the north side of Route 80.

Mount Hope Historical Park was once booming iron mining and processing site. Mining operations reportedly started in this area as early as 1710, and it was mined up until 1958, almost 250 years. Three separate veins of ore were mined on the property, known as the Brennan, Mount Pleasant, and Richard veins. The veins run in a southwesterly to northeasterly direction. There are dozens of mine subsidence pits here, as well as abandoned railroad tracks used by mule drawn trams, ruins of several old buildings and long forgotten electrical poles.

Important Note

Before setting out for this letterbox always keep in mind that you must remain on the marked trails. It is very important to stick to the marked trails, as there are mine shafts and subsidence pits here! Some of the unmarked trails lead up to the Picatinny Arsenal, which is strictly off limits. You will have no problem as long as you stick to the marked trails.

Obtain a trail map at parking lot if available. Sign points to trails, follow trail for a bit then take the red trail. When red trail splits, take right fork. When you come to the orange loop trail, take right fork. Orange trail will begin to descend, continue to follow trail. Eventually you'll come to a small tree on the right of the trail with an orange blaze on it, directly behind the small tree is a huge tree. The huge tree has a blaze on it used if you were coming in the opposite direction. From the small tree, two paces at 290 degrees brings you to two rocks. There is a small rock wedged between the two rocks. Behind the small rock is what you're searching for.

Please hide box hidden from view after stamping in.

Continue along orange loop, then red trail on right back to the parking lot.