The Roaring Bird Box  LbNA # 60686 (ARCHIVED)

OwnerThe 4 Explorers    
Placed DateJan 29 2012
CountyVirginia Beach city
Location977 First Colonial Road, Virginia Beach 23454, VA
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The Roaring Bird Box

Go to 977 First colonial road Linkhorn Park Elementary school Virginia Beach va23454

turn in at the main entrance once you are in look to your left for the outside basketball courts go to them and park in the back parking lot.

1. go to the entrance of the playground and look for the opening between the wooden fence and the chain link fence. (slightly to the left) go to the opening.
2. Once you get there you will see the end of the chain link fence your Quest will start there.
3. Take 42 Adult lion steps and look to the right you should see a very crooked tree in the middle of the path go to that tree.
4. Take 35 adult lion steps to the bridge and cross over the lions mote.
5. The path will go three ways the way you seek is to go straight up the path to the “T.
6. Once you get to the T what you seek is to the right 72 adult lion steps.
7. Look straight ahead and what you seek should be in sight on the right about 41 lion steps.
8. Once you get to the bird box look on the lower left front side corner of the box you will see a pin. pull the pin out and open the door. And if you lose the pin there are extra pins glued inside. This is a real working bird box.