Turtle Wurtle  LbNA # 60688

OwnerTexasluvbug & Ms Priss    
Placed DateJan 29 2012
LocationBeaumont Botanical Gardens, Beaumont, TX
Found By sable
Last Found Jun 11 2013
Hike Distance?
Last EditedOct 21 2015

Turtle Wurtle

This box is located in Beaumont Botanical Gardens on Tyrrell Park Road in Beaumont Texas. Drive in through the main gate and park in the lot to the left. Proceed to the garden through the arch and take a nice leisurely stroll through the beautiful gardens. About 0.2 miles from the parking lot. There is a beautiful gazebo where very often there are soon to be brides having pictures taken. As you proceed past the gazebo you should be getting very near the gorgeous pond and waterfall. As you approach the waterfall area you should look to the left of the pond where you will see two huge flat boulders that are just in the perfect place to sit. The first boulder is where you will find Worry Warts. Go around to the back of the boulder and look underneath it to the right. There are several small stones there and the letterbox is behind the small stones. Please rehide carefully as this is a very high traffic area when the weather is nice. Also to the FIRST FINDER, you will find a special treat inside. Enjoy.