CARGILL  LbNA # 60692

Placed DateJan 29 2012
LocationCargill Sports Complex, Shreveport, LA
Found By tugglefamily
Last Found Nov 1 2012
Hike Distance?

Enter Cargill Sports Complex from the Wisteria entrance. Immediately after the entrance you will see 2 rows of wooden posts. On the entrance side count 21 posts from the yellow metal pole. Look to your right. You will see a group of trees. Find the tree that is different from the rest. It will be directly in front of you. Go to that tree. Take 2 slide steps away from the left of this tree. Take 38 steps forward. You will stop at a tree with a tiny tree growing at its base. At the base of the taller tree and between the two trees you will find your prize hidden under dirt. Stealth is a must!!! You may see softball or soccer parents driving their youngsters to a game or practice. Please seal container and replace in same place. Happy Letterboxing!!