Cross Your Heart & Break On Thru To The Other  LbNA # 60720

Placed DateFeb 3 2012
LocationWinstead Hill, Franklin, TN
Found Bycrosscresent
Last UpdateSep 2 2012

You can call 1(615)216-1597 and then at the prompt, press 2# to hear a prerecorded narraration of this cemetery. the call is free.

BOX #1

this is a small but double sided hand made stamp. Its not very far from the parking space but its not excactly a drive by. It is dog friendly. It is wheel chair accessable, but only up until the very end, so if you are on wheels, take a footbound buddy.

Google Directions to Winstead Hill in Franklin, its behind The Tractor Supply Store on Columbia Ave. Pull in and park. DONT walk up the stone steps to the lookout. Instead, from the bathrooms & water fountains go to the right down the paved path. Take the trail until it splits. You will NOT turn right, you WILL continue leftish straight. you will pass a little foot bridge for a creek that can be dry or trickling. Soon after is an option to turn left, a brown sign and hopefully a garbage can is in this area. Take this trail to the left. You will walk until you see another little foot bridge just like the first one. Cross it. Walk just a little bit & look to the left. you will see two trees close to the path, and to the right of those is a funny tree that is curved at its base like it wishes it had grown to the left just a little bit. Now behind and between the trees to the left, and the funny tree to the right, almost to the forrest's edge, are 3 trees. Two are fond of eachother, the other seems to be the 3rd wheel. Hmm. I wonder if he is jealous. Anyway, stand by the 2 trees that are fond of eachother, there is a shallow knot hole about 4ft up on the tree (from the ground of course). This small letterbox bubble is inside, and should be covered with a stone. please walk away to log, recover well, and dont get caught.

REMEMBER This stamp is double sided, so stamp them side by side for it to make sence.

BOX #2

This is a store bought stamp. Its not very far from the parking space but its not excactly a drive by. Very dog friendly. NOT WHEELCHAIR ACCESSABLE.

From the bathrooms, go left. Go up the concrete & stone stairs to the very top. Look at the battle of franklin map, and the view. now turn around to see the dirt foot trail behind you. Follow it. immediately it zigzags right, then left, then right & you will step over a root step. it can get muddy. walk up, its kinda steep, until you see an actual step made of stone. There are alot of stones jutting out in this path, but this one looks like a real step. soon after, the path forks in a Y shape. Go Right. lots of stone to walk on. walk to what looks like a smaller foot trail on the right. you want this trail. once you step onto the trail, if you look over your right shoulder, across the path you were just on, is a kinda big tree with its base as a many cluster of trees that grow up.(im pointing this out so you know you are in the right place.) Ok, so you are following this trail, not very far, a few handfulls of steps or strides to big boulders under your feet. if you stand on this, you'll see a big crack between the biggest one, & the other big ones excactly in front of it. sit down for a better perspective of the next clue. look to your left to the edge of the rock that juts out between the bigger tree and the thinner tree. Under that part of the stone, he is trying to break on thru to the other side! watch out for snakes ;)

Please go back the way you came so you wont get lost.