Hooper-Katrina Survivor  LbNA # 60769

OwnerHooper-Katrina Survivor    
Placed DateFeb 10 2012
LocationHeritage Village Home 11909 125th Street N., Largo, FL
Found By Hooper-Katrina Survivor
Last Found Aug 6 2012
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Hooper-Katrina Survivor
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Heritage Village located at: 11909 125th Street N. Largo, FL 33774 (727) 582-2123
Hours are:
Wednesday - Saturday
10 a.m. - 4 p.m.
Sunday 1 - 4 p.m.
Closed Mondays, Tuesdays and all county holidays

Heritage Village is a charming, rustic village that is abundant with Floridaís natural palmettos and pines. The unique feature of this lovely village is that is dotted with twenty-eight historic buildings, some dating back to the Turn-of-the-century. There is always plenty to do at the village such as: strolling the plant trail and exploring inside the buildings. The village is the place to go back in time to participate in workshops, festivals, and enjoy the free museums on sight, as well as take advantage of the Christmas holiday traditions held there.

Before you begin: Florida is home to abundant wildlife, some of which consists of poisonous snakes and spiders. Wearing sneakers instead of sandals is preferable. Also you will need a good poking stick. We didnít see any snakes at the box location but that doesnít mean there couldnít be any; better to be prepared with a good long, strong, stick. We have found that the sticks at this particular sight are dry and brittle and brake easily when used, so bring your own to insure your safety.

Clues: Park outside the chain link fence or inside the village parking lot. Walk straight pass the village clock and go past the restrooms. Follow the path straight ahead and you will see the Botanical Gardenís bridge.

Take a left at the Greenwood house onto the newly paved path. Follow on the ĎSí curved path. (The Botanical Gardenís bridge should now be on your right) Continue on the paved path passing the Sugar Mill on your left.

Take a left onto the paved path that stops at the door of the Union Academy. Ahead of you, you will see another paved path. This is the next path you need to be on. You will pass a green energized equipment box on your left. Once onto the paved path follow it to your right, heading towards the tool shed.

Get off the paved path onto the lawn and walk towards the wind mill. Pass the water tower on your left and head towards the tall steel cell towers straight ahead. When you come to a clump of oak and pines tree on your left, curve to the left. You will see a house in the distance that looks like one of the Heritage Village buildings (but isnít).

Walk toward this house and stop walking when you are directly lined up with another house on your left that has a hint of a rusty-roof and is seen through the trees. Now look to your immediate right. You should see a fallen gray tree at a 45 į angle with three tall pines behind it, a cell tower, and the Botanical Gardenís parking lot. Walk toward the fallen tree and somewhere near its base hidden in the palmettos is the treasure that you seek. Carefully hide the box back up again, using any loose dried palmetto fronds or dried pine branches if necessary.