Placed DateFeb 7 2011
LocationHenry Horton State Park, Wilhoite Mill trail, Chapel Hill, TN
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Henry Horton State Park
4358 Nashville Hwy. | Chapel Hill , TN 37034
Office: 931-364-2222 | 1-800-250-8612

Coming from the north, pull in right before you cross over the river. There is a gravel area to park. If you have passed the bridge and THEN come to the big brown building and park enterance, then you have driven just a bit to far.
This is Wilhoite Mill trail. If all else fails, give them a call :) I love this park and swim often in the Duck River every summer. Ive walked these trails often. I came out to find a few letter boxes and realized that I left my printed out clues at home.
Anyway off topic, this is definately a drive by. Take the dirt trail to the left after you pass two big ol honkin boulder rocks. walk until you see all of the cement pipes everywhere to the left. This reminds me of an abandoned cemetery and these crazy pipes have been here forever. well, thats a lie. but a very long time!!! There is a big big double trunked cedar tree to the left right as you are starting to see all of this craziness. From the trail, you may see a small (compared to the rest, its tiny) cement pipe coming out of the ground and poking up toward the base of the tree.
it was the perfect size and shape for my ORYCTOLOGUS CUNICULAS.
I came back 2 days later and found one of the two I had clues for. One i didnt find, but one I did...very close to where i hid mine. I cant give anything away.
This is just a silly store bought stamp. But Id been carrying it with me, my 6 year old thinks its so cute, and the 'box' its in just fit like a glove!!! Watch out for stinging nettles and other vicious woodsy things while your out here. dont put your hand down in any plant like leavy thing with purplish leaves!!! oh my goodness they STING!!! Deeper on this trails are trees with the hugest honk'n thorns Ive ever seen. Dont forget to comeback and check in that you found the box, here and on AQ.
Thanks! -CrossCresent

P.S. that big brown building across the river is a buffet resteraunt. lunch is 11 to something, i forget. and they have dinner too, and cabins to stay the night in. love this place!