Something Spacey  LbNA # 60780 (ARCHIVED)

Placed DateFeb 13 2012
LocationJim Warren Park, Franklin, TN
Found Bydixie hearted
Last UpdateAug 22 2012
Hike Distance?

These stamps went missing.
A box named "1850" is here now :)

From Interstate 65, take exit 65 west. (from the south it is left, from the north it is right). This road is Hwy 96. This will lead you to down town franklin. Drive a few miles, Once you get to the circle, drive around it to main street. (if this was a 4waystop, you'd turn left, but its not, so, you gotta go around.) Take Main to what we like to call '5 points'. There is a Starbucks on the right. You have 4 street choices. To the left is 5thAveS/Lewisburg Pike. Then cattycornerd left is Columbia Ave. Straight ahead is still Main, and to the right is 5thAveN/Hillsboro rd. Go right on 5thAveN/Hillsboro rd. Now that you are on 5thAveN/Hilsboro road, take a left at the 2nd lite, this is New Hwy 96 west. Do not get this road confused with the road you came in on. they are NOT the same road. ok, from New HWY96, go to the 2nd light and take a left onto Boyd Mill. After that, take the first right from Boyd Mill into this park. This is one section of Jim Warren Park. The parking lot is a loop. Park in front of & excactly facing of the 2 green electric boxes. See the big mound in front of you with pine trees and bushes? I hope so. Go to the side of the mound that faces the huge 'lion' boulder out in the field, stay by the mound. There is a small rock wall made up of, i cant remember, 10 or so huge (not as huge as the lion in the field) boulder rocks. between the 4th & 5th boulder on the bottom is a nook, hidden in there by rocks, is Somethings Spacey box. well, actually its a black boyscout duct tape pouch that I learned to make when i was a boy. Just kidding. Im a mom. I sure am silly tho!!!
Rehide well and dont be seen, but I gotta admit, this is a great place to sit and log. What ever, just dont get seen!!!

*for the record: the lion boulder isnt really a lion. it just kinda looks like one. My daughter has always climbed all over him and called him her lion*

***Please fold the logbook so it will fit and you can securley snap the pouch shut!!!! I just did maintenance and it was open. thanks 3/13/12**************