Euphorbid Pulcherrima  LbNA # 60781 (ARCHIVED)

Placed DateFeb 13 2012
Locationcool springs galleria mall parking lot by harley davidson, franklin, TN
Found By bestdav5
Last Found Mar 26 2014
Hike Distance?

From Interstae 65....
Take EXIT 69 Moores Ln/Galleria Blvd exit.
Take the Galleria Blvd ramp.
Turn left onto Galleria Blvd.
Buca di Beppo - Cool Springs in Cool Springs Crossing is on the corner
Turn left to stay on Galleria Blvd.
There is a road that loops all the way around the mall. Drive until you see Harley Davidson of Cool Springs.

Different directions
Take EXIT 68B, the West Cool Springs Blvd. exit.
Merge onto Cool Springs Blvd.
Turn slight right onto Mallory Ln.
Turn right onto S Springs Dr.
Drive until you see Harley Davidson of Cool Springs.

Park in the mall parking lot just acorss the road from Harley Davidson. If you are facing the H.D. store, Belk should be behind you way across the parking lot. Look for the huge old oak. There is a huge hole in it, and the hole side of the tree facing Harley Davidson. There should be acorns all over the ground.
In the hole, on your left, is a huge peice of bark completely camoflaging a Euphorbid Pulcherrima. Dont let your dog eat this, unless thats an old wives tale... REHIDE AND PUT THE BARK BACK OVER IT!

This stamp is store bought, but its not a small stamp, and its pretty.

I got these directions from mapquest, so if you cant figure it out, call HArley Davidson at 615 771 7775 for directions. just dont mention any letterboxing stuff. okey dokey. dont forget to check back in to lbna and AQ for status updating :)