El Guadalahara  LbNA # 60785 (ARCHIVED)

Placed DateJan 14 2012
LocationEl Guadalahara Mexican Resteraunt, Franklin, TN
Found By Knotty Lady
Last Found Feb 25 2012
Hike Distance?


From Interstate 65, take exit 65 west. (from the south it is left, from the north it is right). This will lead you to down town franklin. Drive a few miles, Once you get to the circle, drive around it to main street. (if this was a 4waystop, you'd turn left, but its not, so, you gotta go around.) Take Main to what we like to call '5 points'. There is a Starbucks on the right. You have 4 street choices. To the left is 5thAveS/Lewisburg Pike. Then cattycornerd left is Columbia Ave. Straight ahead is still Main, and to the right is 5thAveN/Hillsboro rd. Turn right on 5thAveN/Hilsboro. From here, right after the third light, to the right, you will see a Kroger store, this is the Independance Square shopping center. El Guadalahara is the big Orange building behind Wendy's.

Look, this is one of those boxes where you gotta stay and eat if you are going to do this, other wise he will remove it.

Ask for table K-1. There is a funny room in the back corner, its not much of a room, but anyway, when you walk into the room, K-1 is the very first table to the left, and its by a window that looks outside. The letterbox is in an altoids box between the seat that backs up to the deviding wall, and the deviding wall.

Oh ya, this stamp is double sided, but only becasue Im poor and love carving since Im getting a little better. So, you will walk away with a souvinere stamp in your book, as well as one of some one who realllllly reallllly needs a kiss. like seriuosly. It would change his entire exsistance. okey dokey!!! good luck! come back and check in so we all know if you have found it!