Kodos' Lunchbox  LbNA # 60792 (ARCHIVED)

Placed DateNov 11 2011
LocationN 33° 36.881 W 086° 36.593, Trussville, AL
Planted Byalabamageochasers    
Found By alabamageochasers
Last Found Feb 16 2012
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Kodos' Lunchbox

Kodos Series


The posted coordinates take you to your starting point. The cache/letterbox is not located there. You will need to bring a good flashlight. Your GPSr will be helpful in navigating your way back to the starting point after finding the cache. Please read the entire cache page as there are no additional hints. Everything is included on the cache/letterbox page. Do not attempt this cache/letterbox during the day and do not drive all the way to the starting point coordinates. You should park at the suggested parking coordinates and walk the short distance to the starting point. Please use stealth while approaching the starting point and returning to your vehicle.

Once you have arrived at the starting point the story will begin:

You are now standing on the spot where Kang and Kodos landed their spacecraft to begin their plan of conquering Earth and subjugating the entire human race to their rule on 12-12-12. While Kang was busy shutting down and securing the spacecraft, Kodos exited and began exploring the area. Within minutes, Kang realized they had miscalculated their trip from Rigel 7 and had actually arrived on 11-11-11. Kodos was recalled to the spaceship immediately. In her haste, she inadvertently left her lunchbox behind. Now, with Kodos back aboard the ship, they blasted off back to Rigel 7.

Your mission is to find Kodos' lunchbox and investigate its' contents. You will need to follow the trail of SILVERY ORANGE cosmic energy. Once you have reached the end of the trail of SILVERY ORANGE cosmic
energy the cache should be within 4 feet.

Once you find the cache container, first open the box and find Kodos' transilluminator. Turn on the transilluminator (black light) and when you see a light purplish glow you should open the lunchbox (while using the transilluminator you should have your flashlight turned off). As you scan the transilluminator over the lunchbox contents you will notice an eerie glow of GREEN cosmic energy. View the contents including: Kodos' snacks,contact lens, letterbox kit, and mission log. Sign the mission log on the date you discovered the lunchbox and return all items back into the lunchbox. These items belong to Kodos and she expects them to stay in the box! Please make sure to switch off the transilluminator before placing back in the cache.

Kodos' Keys(TB4QEMD) have started off in the lunchbox and Kodos would like to see them back in the lunchbox by 12-12-12. If you find the keys in the lunchbox, please feel free to grab/discover and move them along to locations which have seen or will have seen extraterrestrial acivity by 12-12-12.

The tradeable swag items are included in a large plastic bag inside the cache container alongside the lunchbox. Kodos likes fair trades and wishes you to bring glow, light up, and alien or space items to
trade if you like. Please place the cache container back exactly as found for the enjoyment of other night cachers/night letterboxers. We hope you enjoy hunting Kodos' lunchbox!