Turkey Mountain  LbNA # 608

Placed DateJul 6 2001
LocationMontville, NJ
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Turkey Mountain Letterbox Series (4)
Pyramid Mountain Natural Historical Area
Placed by Wingfoot on 07/06/01
Clues Updated 08/06/11
Montville, Morris County, New Jersey

Clues: Easy
Terrain: Moderate with two climbs
Time: Approximately 2 - 3 hours

This series can be done in conjunction with the Pyramid Mountain series. Established after a lengthy grassroots effort to preserve the area from development, the Pyramid Mountain Natural Historic Area is over a thousand acres of open space rich in natural and historical resources. Turkey Mountain is the lesser-traveled area of the park.


Interstate 287 North Bound, Exit 44 Main Street Boonton. Proceed to Boonton Avenue (County Road 511). Turn RIGHT. Proceed 3.3 miles on Boonton Avenue.
Visitors Center on LEFT (Opposite Mars Court)

Take U-turn for right on Boonton Avenue (County Road 511S). Proceed 4.4miles. Visitors Center on RIGHT. (Opposite Mars Court)

Turn RIGHT on Boonton Avenue (County Road 511). Proceed 4.4 miles. Visitors Center on RIGHT. (Opposite Mars Court)

Turkey Mountain Letterbox planted 07/11/05

Pick up the yellow trail (You will be staying on this trail until it ends) that begins across the street from the Vistor’s Center. Pass the red trail on the right and then eventually the blue trail intersection. Later you’ll pass the start of another red trail of the left of the yellow trail. Staying on the yellow trail you’ll eventually come to a man made bridge. Up the brook on the left are seasonal water falls you might want to check out before continuing on the yellow trail. You will then pass under the power lines. Eventually you’ll come to a yellow blazed tree on the right of the trail that indicates to go left. Also on the tree is a Welcome sign if you were coming in the opposite direction. From that tree go 12 paces at 140 degrees to a rock. Behind the rock underneath another rock is what you seek.

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Turkey Letterbox planted 07/11/05
NOTE: Turkey Letterbox was rehidden 08/06/11.

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Continue following yellow trail, it does get a little tricky here, pay close attention to the blazes. At one point you’ll have to go on the road for a few feet and pick up yellow trail on the left of the road again. Eventually you’ll pass the beginning of the green trail. Stay on yellow trail as you gradually ascend Turkey mountain. You’ll pass thru an old rock wall. Eventually you’ll come to a second old rock wall. Take 9 paces at 355 degrees from the intersection of the trail and the rock wall. There will be a big tree, behind it, in a pile of rocks is what you seek. Please hide box hidden from view after stamping in.

100 Steps Letterbox planted 07/06/01

Pick up yellow trail going the way you didn’t come. Shortly you’ll come to the red trail. Go left on the red trail. Begin your decent along red trail. Eventually you'll come to a rock that juts across the trail on the right forming a perfect spot to sit and rest. There is a very faded red blaze on the lower side of the rock. You'll have to do a little bushwhacking from here. From that rock go 22 paces at 130 degrees to another rock. Then go 6 paces at 80 degrees. In a rock crevice, behind a small rock is what you're searching for.

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In Memory replaced Wingfoot's 10th on 09/15/01

12/10 Additional log book has been added.

Continue along red trail. At the bottom, take the merged red/green trail on the right. Shortly the trail splits again, take right onto the green trail going up the hill. Eventually you will come to ruins on the right of the trail once you reach the top. Supposedly the ruins were a summer place owned by an artist who worked for New York's Museum of Natural History in the early part of the 1900s. The owner abandoned the cottage when the power lines were built. Continue along green trail. You will come to an overlook, which on a clear day gives a view of the Manhattan skyline. On the overlook you will find a small split tree with a blaze on the right split. From that tree take 22 paces at 220 degrees to a small pine tree. From that tree go 3 paces at 260 degrees to a big rock. There is a small rock wedged in a crevice behind the big rock. Behind that rock is what you're searching for. This letterbox is dedicated to all those that were lost on 09/11/01. Please take a moment when you find this box to think of them.

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Continue following green trail. When trail splits take right fork onto blue trail. Blue trail will take you down the 100 steps back to the parking lot.