I scream you scream, the Dockins' family screams f  LbNA # 60807

Placed DateAug 16 2011
LocationOld Pickens Family Ice Cream Parlor, Pickens, SC
Found By GadgetGirl
Last Found Jul 6 2015
Hike Distance?

I scream you scream, the Dockins' family screams f

To find this location, you will need to find the place that our family holds in our hearts for the many family memories. 3 out of 4 of us worked here as teenagers, 2 as cooks and one as a waitress. The 4th came along many years later as a customer. The Picken's ice cream parlor has had a few locations but to find this box you need to find the last and final building, you will find that it now has a "heavenly feel" to it and is very close to an electrifying company. Go into the back of the parking lot and gaze into a field currently occupied by a vacant building, look to it's left and you will find 2 sister trees all alone. In that tree you will find the prize, with a special I scream you scream prize for the first finder.