The Blue Bird of Paradise (a.k.a. Aunt Julie's New  LbNA # 60863

Placed DateFeb 18 2012
LocationCasar Park, Deviney St, Casar, NC
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The Blue Bird of Paradise (Aunt Julie’s New Tattoo)

In the uppermost reaches of Cleveland County
Lies the small town of Casar.
The following clues will help you become
The town’s newest bird gazer.

Go to the end of Deviney Street
And park in the gravel lot.
Take a stroll down the terraced hill
To the park’s most theatrical spot.

Follow the path northwest behind the structure:
You’ll soon find bricks and mortar.
But you must continue to follow the path…
Don’t stop here and loiter.

Take 135 more steps around a bend,
Then look halfway up a bank on your left.
A multi-trunked tree holds a blue bird of paradise
Nestled beneath the leaves in its cleft.