Trinity in the Park  LbNA # 60864

Placed DateFeb 17 2012
Location750 E. 9th Street, Charlotte, NC
Found By hruckter
Last Found Apr 22 2013
Hike Distance?

Trinity in the Park

The School, established in 2000, is here to stay.
Park by the place where children play.
There's only two spots, so don't delay.

Head North and stop to meet Trinity.
Where they Create Scholars, Nurture Spirituality and Embrace Diversity.

Look West and let the light guide you.
There's only one way.

Eight SQUARE hops and you're almost there.
Take a right is where you want to be.
Right between 724 and 723.

Take a seat on the furthest right.
Look at the Uptown skyline, it's the best at night.

Look beside you to the YELLOW JASMINE on your right.
In full bloom, it's a beautiful sight.

Lean over, take a whiff and look down.
At the back arbor, between the green gates.
Against the green post, under the mulch and leaves
to find the treasure that you SEEK.

Please place back in it's spot and hide well under the mulch and leaves.
Thanks! Be sure to let me know when you've found it!