Faded Signs Series #20 - In Your Attic  LbNA # 60903

Placed DateFeb 1 2012
CountyNova Scotia, CAN
LocationGreen Hill, NS, NVA
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The Faded Signs Series is a series of mostly easy caches along Highway #4 in Pictou County with a couple of harder ones to find for variety. Cache sizes range from nano to regular. The latest caches may test features of your GPSr that you may or may not know how to use.

This regular sized camoufladged ammo can is a Letterbox Hybrid geocache.

The cache was placed to increase the number of types of caches available in Pictou County Nova Scotia. I believe that this is the first Letterbox Hybrid Cache in Pictou County Nova Scotia. The next closest Letterbox Hybrid geocaches are in Antigonish County to the east and in Prince Edward Island to the north.

A stamp and ink pad is available to stamp your book. Please make sure that the stamp remains in the cache container for the next geocacher. If you have a personal stamp please make sure you stamp the logbook.

The final cache location is winter friendly, but in winter you will be going through snow and some light bushwhacking to get to the cache location. The trick of finding this cache will be revealed when you get to the cache location.

The cache location area is near the "In Your Attic" antique store which is no longer in business, so there is plenty of parking near there.

We (Spike and Peanut, The Monster Beagles) helped CachingWithBeagles (a.k.a ClO2JIM) to set up this cache (we sniffed out a good spot for it) and he put our names under "Who Placed the Cache".

Please return the cache to the exact location you found it, to make it a equal challenge for the next cacher to find.

"Letterbox Hybrid caches are a type of geocache in which stamps are collected and shared...kind of like having your passport stamped. Inside the letterbox, you will find a notebook and stamp. A hybrid letterbox cache also includes some small trading items.

Letter boxers carry their own personalized stamp, stamp pad and a logbook. Once the letterbox is found, the hunter leaves his/her mark -usually a hand crafted stamp- and collects the cache's stamp in a logbook." from write-up for "McIntyre Letter Box Hybrid" by Murfster (Thanks)