Mascot  LbNA # 60911 (ARCHIVED)

Placed DateFeb 23 2012
LocationRochester Public Library, 101 Second St SE, Rochester, MN
Found By J&H
Last Found Jul 11 2012
Hike Distance?

To find Mascot, you must first discover his name. Follow the clues below and fill in the blanks.

Start your quest at the library catalog. Search for the author Lincoln Peirce. Lincoln Peirce writes books about a kid named ______ Nate. The first word in the title of this series is the first word in Mascotís name.

Now you must find the northernmost wall in the Childrenís Division. Did you find it? It is the one with the backyard mural painted on it. Now find the insect that is featured three times. The wings of that insect are black and what color? This color is the second word in Mascotís name.

You will finish your quest at call number j597. What animal did you find there? That animal is the third part of Mascotís name.

________________ __________________ _________________

Now that you know Mascotís name, I bet you know where he lives. Go and say hello to him.

Face Mascotís home and look to your left. Look behind the books on the shelf under the chalkboard. Congratulations, you have found Mascot!