Quilt Series #1 Ohio Star  LbNA # 60936

Placed DateFeb 25 2012
CountySan Patricio
LocationHwy 77 & CR 234, Odem, TX
Found By 2Grls1Guy
Last Found Jun 21 2012
Hike Distance?

Quilting is a favorite hobby of mine. There are tons of different patterns. This is one of the most popular designs, and has been around for centuries. My very first quilt was this design. Hope you enjoy!

To find this letterbox, go to Odem and find a city park at the corner of Highway 77 & County Road 234. This is a very cute little park. There is a covered wooden pavillion. There is one set of stairs. Look at the bottom of where the stairs meet the foundation. There is a chunk of concrete covering this box. Please recover well.