Quilt Series #2-Sunbonnet Sue & Sam  LbNA # 60951

Placed DateFeb 27 2012
CountySan Patricio
LocationWhitney Lake Marsh Park, Ingleside, TX
Found By Nomad
Last Found Apr 1 2013
Hike Distance?

#2 in my quilt series is Sunbonnet Sue & Sam. This is a very old and traditional applique quilt. There are many variations on this quilt. Sue is usually by herself. But sometimes she has her friend Sam also.

This Box is located at the "Whitney Lake Marsh Park" in Ingleside. Here is a little of what the City of Ingleside has to say about this interesting park:

"What began as a drainage project has evolved into a nature lovers's dream come true. The City acquired 70 acres of land that are protected wetlands and upland buffer areas within the Lake Whitney and McCampbell Slough area of Live Oak Peninsula to provide a public recreation and education access area. The watershed, which drains into Port Bay in the Copano Bay System is approximately 3.3 miles downstream, and is extremely diverse, containing freshwater wetlands, brackish marsh, salt marsh and tidal flats. Habitat within this watershed is generally recognized as some of the most valuable habitat on the Live Oak Peninsula. This area has been recognized as a high priority for protection by the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department, the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service and the Nature Conservancy, the Coastal Bend Bays Foundation and the Coastal Bend Bays and Estuaries Program. McCampbell Slough is particularly noted as a productive and valuable estuarine wetland complex that provides wintering and migratory habitat for waterfowl, shorebirds, wading birds, and other species, as well as nursery habitat for shrimp, blue crabs and finfish. Lake Whitney is a 70-acre wet-meadow noted by local natural conservation personnel as unique in South Texas. Lake Whitney remains wet, even during periods of prolonged drought and has been regarded as an ecological and recreational asset since the early 1930s. The Lake Whitney offers several bird watching areas, extended docks over marsh areas, observation platforms and many other amenities for watching the native wildlife in the Coastal Bend. In addition to the excellent recreational and educational opportunities, Whitney Lake provides wintering and migratory habitat for waterfowl, shorebirds, wading birds, and other species. This acquisition of habitat allows the City of Ingleside to protect this resource, provide public access and provide excellent recreational and educational opportunities for the public."

When I visitied the park to place the box, it was quite dry. Most of the marshes are dried up and very little water is standing. I did see some very interesting birds and even one rabbit. So if you visit enjoy the nature of the Marsh!

To find Sue go to the Park located on Kenney Lane. Traveling from FM 1069 turn onto Kenney Lane (you can only turn one way). Travel down Kenney until you see the park on your right. There are 2 different observation platforms, you will need to walk to the furtherest one from the parking area. It is a long walk, but on even and paved ground. Once at the second observation deck face the deck and look at the base of the first post on the right side. The box is hidden under some white rocks. Please rehide well.