Seaside Happiness revised  LbNA # 6096

Placed DateAug 24 2006
LocationSeaside, OR
Found By Peas and Carrots
Last Found May 24 2009
Hike Distance?

Replaced and revised Aug. 2006

This is a very kid friendly hunt. You don't need to be a kid to have fun, but you do need to be a kid at heart. I will warn you to be prepared to spend a few dollars to fully enjoy this hunt, but spending money is not essential to find the box. You may want to bring a kite if you have one.

Start where childhood dreams begin. Take a ride around and around. Exit south and turn right. Walk one block and turn right again.
Find the Candyman. Spin his wheel and win a prize. Buy an icecream cone. (You choose the flavor. This is not essential to find the letterbox, but it definitly adds to the fun.)
Now head to the End of the Trail. Read the story of the great explorers. Smell the fresh ocean breeze and feel the wind in your hair.
Walk north on the sidewalk along the seawall. Stop to see the whale in the window and hear the seals scream for their lunch.
Continue walking till you find a Holly planted firmly against the seawall(I am told it is now dead, so if you get to the bathrooms you have gone to far). Look West and a little South for a small pine growing in the grass. Under the south-east side of the little tree (buried in the sand) under a rock, is the box.
Although you now have increased your F count you have not completed your trek. Walk west as far as possible, then turn south. Release your kite if you have one. Walk, run, or sit and relax. You have now found Seaside Happiness.