the yin and the yang  LbNA # 60976

Ownerfeeling froggy :)    
Placed DateFeb 26 2012
Locationchina creek trail, merlin/galice, OR
Found By(hidden)


I-5 take exit 61 drive through the town of merlin and just passed morrison`s lodge is taylor creek rd. to your left. take that road go up about 7 miles. parking on the left trail to your right.
i think this was a 2 mile hike, but most of it is up hill so it seems like 10 miles :)
head up the trail until you see a big downed tree to your right go to the roots of the tree. there is a root coming out of the ground. box 1 is hidden under bark and the little root. if you passed the first creek you went to far.
keep going up trail to the third little creek, go back to a big stump box 2 is IN the bark on the right side of the stump under leaves and stuff.
now it is all up hill from here. my last box is a goody box so bring somthing to trade. and the view is pretty from up top. you will come to an old road with big burn piles in the road stay to your right and go over the gravel pile and keep going up .you are almost there. YOU CAN MAKE IT!olny about 1/4 mile left.
once you are at the top look to your right there is a big stump just off the road. box three is IN the top of the stump covered with braches. box three is a goodie box :)
happy hunting.