100 Ways for Barbie to Die: Radical Surgery  LbNA # 60984

OwnerMartini Man      
Placed DateFeb 24 2012
LocationMarquette Heights, IL
Found By Atom 118
Last Found May 27 2012
Hike Distance?

Last checked/found: 24-FEB-12

Our friend Shorty started a project to plant 100 boxes in Illinois depicting different ways for Barbie to die, so we decided to make a few contributions to his big project.

Location: krapecnednepednI. The parking lot is a row of parallel parking alongside dvlbellasaL, near the northeast corner of teertsniaM(29etuoR) & ellasaL.

Terrain: Winding & hilly dirt trail through woodlands.

Time/Distance: ~1 hour roundtrip, approximately 1.5-2 miles.

By now, I think that Barbie’s legendary figure has been well-documented in other perilous endings of her life. In this particular narrative she decided to take matters into her own hands and deal with the criticism she was tired of hearing all these years. She scheduled an appointment with a well-known plastic surgeon and, after some consultation, he (or was it a she?) agreed that some action needed to be taken if Barbie’s sunset years were not to be adversely affected. The situation was actually a little dire, so radical surgery was scheduled for the following week.

She followed all that yucky prep you have to do for an operation and arrived at the hospital at the scheduled time. The surgery aides got her dressed into one of those embarrassing gowns and soon she was on a gurney, groggily succumbing to the anesthesia.
Unfortunately the operation was an unexpected failure due to the incompetence of the surgical team. The bozos got away with their malfeasance. We had heard on good authority that Barbie had briefly come to before passing out and joining all the other Barbies in whatever form of Heaven dolls go to. But if you want an idea of what her last view of this world was, follow the rest of this story.

When you get out of your vehicle, head a short ways southeast and you'll see an old, chained-off road leading up a hill on your left.

Head through the yellow gates, pass a small trail on the right followed by several large fallen logs on the right.

Turn left onto a small trail just before you encounter a small hill in the middle of the abandoned road.

Take a left at the first “Y”. Start hiking!

Eventually there will be a cyclone on the right. Keep on walking, walking, walking….

You’ll pass a metal post and a “R.O.W.” stone on the right.

Keep going up and around and eventually pass through a “gateway”.

Circle the pits, keeping an eye out for a split “V” on the right, with one short dead arm. Standing at this arm, take a bearing of 120° and walk in 25 steps to reach an upright ridge barked tree. Barbie’s last view can be found at the base of a fallen split “V” behind the standing tree.

Return to the main trail and continue onward, weaving and winding until you reach the wide path. Take a right at the “T” to return to your vehicle.

We’d appreciate an email to let us know how the box is doing.