100 Ways for Barbie to Die: Loose Boot  LbNA # 60985

OwnerMartini Man      
Placed DateFeb 25 2012
LocationForest City, IL
Found By lasermom
Last Found Mar 31 2012
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Last checked/found: 25-FEB-12

Our friend Shorty started a project to plant 100 boxes in Illinois depicting different ways for Barbie to die, so we decided to make a few contributions to his big project.

Location: andsay idgeray atestay orestfay. From oofygay idgeray oadray / E ountycay oadray 2500 N / ountycay oadray 15, take actuscay riveday south and then turn west onto inepay alleyvay riveday (gravel road). Park in the first lot on the left.

Terrain: Mostly flat grassy/dirt trail through fields & woodlands.

Time/Distance: 45 minutes to 1 hour roundtrip, 1.75 miles.

Here is yet another tale of woe detailing yet another unfortunate demise for our poor, put-upon Barbie. This time she decided that a career in the circus was just the thing for her and she joined up with Bazoom and Baboom Brothers Circus. Her prowess in gymnastics in an earlier life served her well and soon she found herself billed as an aerial star. Her partner in the stunts was another female star named Ariadne. But what Barbie failed to understand was that Ariadne had a nasty jealous streak in her and did not like to share the limelight with Barbie. Thus a lethal plot was hatched in her mind and it came to fruition all too soon.

The main event of the evening at B&B Brothers was a trapeze act featuring no safety net. When the time came for the big event, Barbie and Ariadne were soon flying through the air. But what Barbie did not know is the laces in her boots had been strategically weakened. Soon the strain of the action worked its dark magic on her boots and when a big moment came in the act, Barbie went nowhere but down leaving a very shocked public wondering what had happened. I have heard tell that there was a rather detailed image of that last moment in Barbie’s circus career and it can be found as follows……

Start on the green trail near the kiosk, heading west.

Enjoy the pines.

Circus horse crossing, stay straight on green.

Circus horse crossing, stay straight on green.

Circus horse crossing, angle across on green.

Keep going until you come to two green-tagged circus tent posts on the right that are only ~8 steps apart.

Look to your right for a fallen log between the posts. Barbie’s accident is behind the center of this log.

If you come to a roustabout campsite, you went too far.

Continue to follow green onward to complete the loop through the circus grounds.

We’d appreciate an email to let us know how the box is doing.