A jewel in the city  LbNA # 60986

OwnerThe Backpack Crew    
Placed DateJul 3 2009
LocationRoseville, MN
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Start at 25 on the Roseville Heritage Trail
Sneak around like someoneís on your tail.

Park in the lot, thereís a lot in this park,
But I think itís closed after dark.

Head up the trail and curve to the west,
Thereís a bench near the top if you need some rest.

If you think that the trail is getting hotter,
Fear not, ahead is LOTS of water.

It used to be held in an open pit
Then they built a new place to the north of it.

That went away, now thereís one thatís new
But we digress - hereís another clue:

Just when you think this hunt is the longest,
Veer left where your cell phone signal is strongest.

Youíll curve around and come to a Y
A wide patch in the path, donít pass by.

Head to the right and into the wood
I hope you think these clues are good.

Stay to the right, past a fallen down tree
Head for some trees in a V for victory.

Just past that sign, see some old fence remains
Head right, youíre nearing the end of your pains.

In a jumble of trees that are no longer standing
Is the goal of this hunt thatís been so demanding.

At the base of a V that has lost its bark
look under a log, in the dirt that is dark.

We hope that you find it, we hope youíve had fun
Sign the book and leave it for the next one!

Enjoy the view on the way back to the car
Check out the cool fence around the old reservoir.