Leap Day Letterbox - Bassway Strip  LbNA # 61013

Placed DateFeb 29 2012
LocationBassway Strip WMA, Kearney, NE
Found By Bunch of Okies
Last Found Jul 11 2016
Hike Distance?

Leap Day Letterbox-Hybrid

What is a Letterbox-Hybrid? A Letterbox-Hybrid is a combination of Letterboxing and Geocaching where the owner has also included GPS coordinates to the Letterbox container. Along with the traditional geocaching log book and trade items, a rubber stamp, stamp ink pad and letterbox stamp book are also included but not intended for trade; the stamp, pad and log book are meant to remain in the box so that letterboxing visitors can use them to record their visit.

Leap Day Letterbox - Bassway Strip: You are looking for an Ammo Can hidden on February 29, 2012, in the Bassway Strip State Wildlife Management Area. Located south of Interstate 80 at the Minden exit, Exit Number 279. Bassway strip is bordered by Interstate 80 along the north and the Platte River along the south. This area is open to hunting and fishing, so it is advisable to be very cautious during hunting season. Please practice CITO (Cache In Trash Out) on your way out.

Navigate to Bassway Strip by getting off the Interstate at the Minden exit, Exit Number 279, and traveling South. After you cross the North channel of the Platte River you will need to turn east and then back north and again cross the North channel of the Platte River on an old railroad bridge. You have now entered Bassway Strip. As you proceed north and east along the gravel road your first option for parking will be on the right. If you choose to park here you will have a 3 mile hike to the letterbox, and consequently a 3 mile hike back. Travel east along the gravel/dirt road past a number of side roads to the turn around at the end where you will be greeted by four sign posts with three signs: "Access Road to Public Hunting Foot traffic only" "No Parking Any Time" and "No Vehicles Beyond This Point" From here you must hike. Cross the cable barricade and walk east along the road to a large concrete object. From this object walk approximately 60 paces east along the road. From here look south and you should see a large cottonwood tree lying down approximately 25 paces away. The Letterbox is in the hollow trunk covered with bark. Good Luck, and Happy Stamping.