At Jouney's End  LbNA # 61016

OwnerCatawba Library    
Placed DateMar 9 2012
LocationClaremont Library 3288 East Main Street, Claremont, NC
Found By The Dean Clan
Last Found Jul 24 2012
Hike Distance?

At Journey’s End

It happened to me! Just like a dream
I was found or discovered by a lady in cream
After weeks on the shelf, I was pulled and checked out.
It was so exciting I could almost shout.
Oh the places I’ve been….let me try to recall.
A table, a book bag, the toilet, the mall
It was great to be out of the library
Who knew there were so many jobs for me?
A lap desk, a doorstop, a pillow, it’s true.
There are so many things I can do.
A teacher, a friend and travel agent
Sometimes a place to hide the rent
But weeks have passed and the day is here
As I plunge into darkness, I feel no fear
At journey’s end; this is where I go
Piled in with others that I already know
Soon I will return to my home on the shelf
Recalling these adventures all to myself

To find this letterbox, think like a book.
Where do they go? That's the place to look.