Never Eat Soggy Worms  LbNA # 61028

Placed DateMar 9 2012
LocationRochester Public Library, Rochester, MN
Found ByJ&H
Last UpdateJul 11 2012


Never Eat Soggy Worms

Go to the northernmost (North = Never) wall of the Children's Area and find a smiling green fish.
Facing the fish, turn to your right or east (East = Eat) and walk to the windows.
Turn right and continue to walk along the windows until you find a Frog and a Toad on the wall enjoying two red books.
Keep following the windows to the southernmost point (South = Soggy) of the Children's Area where you will find the chairs that rock.
Look up and find wall panels in a pattern of blue - yellow - blue on the westernmost wall (West = Worms).
Head over to the wall panels & then turn north and find the river in the carpet.
Now turn until you are facing the J Fiction shelves.
As you walk along the river, count 6 book cases and turn right after the 6th book case.
Take 28 steps down the aisle until you reach the book about eating worms. Hint: The author is Rockwell.
You will find a slimy, but inedible (Not to eat!), friend behind these books.