The Eating Machine  LbNA # 61037

Placed DateMar 9 2012
LocationRochester Public Library, Rochester, MN
Found By pronetowanderfar
Last Found Oct 21 2013
Hike Distance?
Last EditedOct 21 2015

The Eating Machine
Fill in the blanks to find the location of the The Eating Machine:

______ ______ ______ ______ ______
1 2 3 4 5

1.Find the raccoon on the Your Big Backyard mural. If you look at him from far away you will see a sign above his head. The last letter on that sign is #1.

2.Now turn right and walk to the windows. Turn right again and follow beside the windows until you can see the Mayo Civic Center driveway. See the sign with all of the arrows? Find the third arrow down. #2 is the first letter of the second word after that arrow.

3.Now find the first letter of the third word on that same line. This letter is #3.

4.Go back to the sign over the raccoon. The first letter is #4.

5.Look at the raccoon. Now turn right and walk to the windows. Look outside. What is the weather like? It is nice out there? #5 is the letter K.

Now to find The Eating Machine you need to find books about this creature and look behind them. (Hint: ask library staff to help you or look up the topic in the online catalog)