Ben Franklin's Turkey  LbNA # 61038 (ARCHIVED)

Placed DateMar 9 2012
LocationRochester Public Library, Rochester, MN
Found By Team Taco
Last Found Oct 24 2013
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Ben Franklin's Turkey

Use the first letter of the last names of the following writers to fill in the blanks.

1. Author of "The Breadwinner"
2. Author of "Crispin"
3. Author of "My Weird School" series
4. Author of "Chronicles of Narnia"
5. Author of "Parvana's Journey"

1. _____ 2. _____ 3. _____ 4. _____ 5. _____

Now you should know what you are looking for, but where is it? Find the symbol in the mural on the back wall. If this creature were to eliminate waste, where would it land? Search this section to find your national treasure.