Reo's Treats in Strawberry Fields  LbNA # 61052

Placed DateAug 27 2011
Location6100 152nd St, Marysville, WA
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*I know it seems like a long time ago that we planted this, but we forgot to post it on also, instead of just, which is where we post the exact same clues for our other letterboxes! :) *

NOTE : THIS IS AN ADD-ON BOX, which means that we invite any letterboxers to carve a "dog or pet-themed stamp to add to this box, and leave in the box for others to stamp as well as the original stamp!

Drive to: 6100 152nd St
Marysville, WA 98271.
This address will bring you to an off-leash dog park called "Strawberry Fields for Rover." To the left of the athletic field. Park in the gravel parking lot. There will be a split-rail fence in front of your car. Remember, this is a DOG PARK so please bring your furry companions along! Get out of your car and go to the start of a wood chip and grass path. There will be a sign saying 'Strawberry Fields for Rover'. Begin to head down this path and you will see another split-rail wooden fence on your right. As you continue down this wood chip path, there will be a separation in the wooden fence. Keep walking down this path and see the fence come together again. Continue walking until the wood chip path splits to the left and right. Stay on the right and make your way down the short wood chip path. Do you see a fenced-in park area up ahead? Then you're in the right spot. Once you come to this small park, go through the black gates (there are 2) and go into the park. Take a nice rest on the gray bench just to your right. Feel free to let your dog off-leash now. Walk to the front of the red building behind you and see a set of three stairs. There are some rocks under the right side of these stairs and an open space on the other side of them. Go to the left side of these stairs and see a black box. Please be very inconspicious as you take the box out. Don't let the muggles come over to you and question you or even see you! As you replace the box, please hide quickly and make sure it is not noticeable from anyone. We left a few treats in a plastic bag inside the box, so if you brought a dog, please give them a little treat! Contact the owner of this box at to update on any added stamps or questions.
Happy Hunting!

The first add-on carve was by Mariner Fan! It is named "Tucker"