Minnie Mayo  LbNA # 61063 (ARCHIVED)

Placed DateMar 9 2012
LocationPinkerton park, Fort Granger, Franklin, TN
Found By Pair_of_Monkeys
Last Found Jul 29 2012
Hike Distance?

My friend has a passion for this particular type of animal. she loves them so much, and she is so nice to me, I carved one of these for her and one for me. Many of my box clues start out the same bc they are all in the same town! ha!

hey there, ok... From I-65 get off on exit 65 (i know, 65 to 65). You want to go west. You should now be on hwy 96, wich is also called Murfreesboro Rd. Drive 2.5 miles west toward our beautiful down town historic Franklin, Pinkerton Park is to your right. Pull in, and when you see the parking area, there is some to the right, and some straight ahead. I'd ignore the ones to the right, because if you park in the ones straight ahead, you are close to the enterance thats closest to your goal. Find the Fort Granger historical marker. Look to your left to see a brownish reddish wood sign that says "Trail To Fort Granger". Follow the arrow. Walk along & pass under the big pedestrian bridge. Keep walking. Pass the pet waste can on your right, YUCK! Keep walking until you see a gravel path to your left. Take the path. Keep walking, ignore the canoe access. Sounds fun tho. Cross over the little wooden bridge. Keep on the gravel path up up up until you come to some wooden stair steps. STOP!!! Teeheehee. Ok, dont go up the steps, .....

**********....instead, face them. see the rock wall to the right? You will go into the woods along side of it, so that the rock wall will become on your left. Here's how: From the edge of the stone at the bottom of the stairs, take 10 or 11 or 12 steps (not paces)into the woods. There is a tall-ish tree to your left, this lil cutie is behind the tree at the base. yes, you gotta get up there. I used the small multitrunked tree growing out of the rock right in front of it to hoist my self up...i dont know how strong that little tree is tho....****************

I hid it so close to my Paisley Scroll at Pinkerton because Im not too proud of my stamps from when i first started, im starting to make different ones, and quite frankly, i love to letterbox. and i love when i get to find more than one in an area. Please rehide it well. i actually have three in this park. later I found out about another one, then wayyyy later I found out about yet another!!! look thru my list of boxes that Ive found to find the one that isnt found by just searching in the site for boxes. So, there are 5 boxes that I know of in this park. MY 3 are LBNA 59933 Paisley scroll at Pinkerton, and Fort Granger Fairy, and then this one.