Boogily by Yippie Unicorn  LbNA # 61064

Placed Date
LocationDown Town Public Square, Franklin, TN
Found By Team JSABAIL
Last Found Nov 16 2015
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Boogily by Yippie Unicorn

The Story of Baby Brenden
Once upon a time, there was a baby. His name was Brenden. The mom & dad didnt care or love him. They gave him dirty milk, if they gave him anything at all. A baby cant live like this. So, baby Brenden died. No one cared. no one even cried. The mom just threw here lifeless baby into the woods.
One night, the ghost of a young girl that had suffered the same fate, but more than 100 years ago, was going along thru the woods. She saw poor baby Brenden. she said, "Oh no. What a pity." She sprinkled magic dust on him. He blinked his eyes. Then he opened his eyes. He came back to life!
But he was different. He could talk. so he asked "Who are you?"
And she replied, "My name is Mally. why are you in the woods? and all alone?"
"I dont know. Why are YOU?" He retorted.
"I'm dead. are YOU?" She quickwittedly huffed.
"I dont remember," he said. But that wasnt true. He did. And she knew he did. And she knew it was too painful. so she just said "very well, then. maybe thats a very good thing." Even tho she knew he knew but didnt want to know or ever have to speak of it.
He did, however, tell her that his name was Brenden.
And then Mally said, "We, the innocent children, dont keep our old names. They carry to much sadness." And that made a lot of sence. "Your name is.. Boogily!"
"I like it!" He said.
"Do you know the words to 'Just as I am'"? Mally asked.
"No..." Boogily answered.
"I'll teach it to you" Mally said.
And so together they floated along thru the woods, chanting the words together..."Just as I am without one plea, That Jesus shed His soul for me. And that thou biddist me come to The, Oh Lamb of God I come!" The End


From Interstate 65, take exit 65 west. (from the south it is left, from the north it is right). This will lead you to down town franklin. Drive a few miles, Once you get to the circle, look for the green metal covered bench. Its actuall y right to the right when you first get to the circle.
When you get to the bench, sit on it, and scootch all the way to the right. reach down under the metal seat thats closest to the wall, but in the slot thats not.

This box is tiny.

This stamp was carved to replace one that my 6 year old made that went missing. She is Yippie Unicorn. she is too young to have a name on the site tho. one day, she bought a doll at main street toys, She named him Boogily, and she had this creepy story to go with him.