Libra: The Scales  LbNA # 61089

Placed DateMar 13 2012
LocationClark, MO
Found By OnAnAdventure
Last Found Oct 12 2015
Hike Distance?
Last EditedOct 13 2015

Libra: The Scales

Note: April 10, 2014. The slender tree that arched across the path has fallen down. However, the two trunked tree beyond it is still in place and all else is correct.

This box was originally planted in July 2011 as part of a night boxing series for our grandson. It has been relocated with new clues.
It now resides in a conservation area that is partly in Boone county, partly in Randolph county and partly in Howard county. Hint: The first half of the name sounds like, although spelled differently, like the first name of a silent screen star also known as "The Sheik", "The Great Lover" and "The Latin Lover". The second part of the name also sounds the same, but is spelled differently than the last name of the singer who left his heart in San Francisco.
From Columbia,nineteen miles north on Hwy. 63, then five miles west on Route F, then 2.75 miles north on Route T, and then .05 miles west on County Road 2930. (There is a cemetery and church at the intersection of T and 2930).
From the north, take Rt. B west at Clark, then south on Route T to County Road 2930.
Park in the first lot on the right, and take the gravel path westward. It parallels the paved road. Look for a faint dirt trail on your right before you reach a cedar grove. Go about 26 paces on the trail to a slender tree which curves over the path. Another 10 paces will take you to a 2 trunked tree on your right. Look 210 degrees to a smallish tree with an enlarged base. Behind the wood door in the base, you will find Libra resting on a white stone and covered with bark and leaves.
Please replace everything carefully before you leave so that it will stay hidden. Thank you very much for your consideration. Please let me know if the box is missing or is in need of maintenance. Thank you.
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