Mr.Cheechers  LbNA # 61090 (ARCHIVED)

Placed DateMar 13 2012
Locationpinkerton park, Franklin, TN
Found By dusty trail
Last Found Sep 2 2013
Hike Distance?

PLEASE MAKE SURE HE IS PUSHED ALL THE WAY BACK ON THE SIDE HE BELONGS!!! other wise people will see him, or the wind WILL blow him away. sorry for the caps, previous experience.
Mr.Cheechers is my dog. I have had him for 11 years and we have been thru soooo much together. the scariest thing was Hurricane Katrina in BayStLouis, Mississippi. Yep, we rode out the eye of the hurricane while I was 6 months pregnant with YippieUnicorn. That was something else!!!

From I-65 get off on exit 65 (i know, 65 to 65). You want to go west. You should now be on hwy 96, wich is also called Murfreesboro Rd. Drive 2.5 miles west toward our beautiful down town historic Franklin, Pinkerton Park is to your right. Pull in, and when you see the parking area, there is some to the right, and some straight ahead. I'd ignore the ones to the right, because if you park in the ones straight ahead, you are close to the enterance thats closest to your goal. Find the Fort Granger historical marker. Look to your left to see a brownish reddish wood sign that says "Trail To Fort Granger". Follow the arrow. Walk along & pass under the big pedestrian bridge. Keep walking. Pass the pet waste can on your right, YUCK! ((Keep walking until you see a gravel path to your left. Take the path. Keep walking, ignore the canoe access. Sounds fun tho. Cross over the little wooden bridge:::::::::::::: UPDATE: Bridge permenantly down, use the lawn mower access that is just 20ft or so further)) Connect with the the gravel path & walk up up up until you come to some wooden stair steps. STOP!!! Teeheehee. Ok, dont go up the steps, step up along the left side of them onto the big rock. From here you can clearly see that these steps have two platforms. Up under the 1st platform is what you are looking for, its in a small plastic container and its painted brown. Remember, your on the left side of the stairs from when you first got to them. I felt spider webs when I was placing it, but we are use to that, aren't we!?! Have Fun!
If you are visiting, please take time to stroll down town Franklin and have lunch or icecream. When leaving Pinkerton, turn right, pass the two lights to the circle, you can only go right. the 1st street has Riffs Burgers, Dotson's, BaskinRobbins, Marcia's Patisserie that has coffee & pasteries, and there's also a high end book store and a catholic church, and a tiny travelers guide place.
The 2nd road from the circle isn't much, law offices and whatnot.
The 3rd steet off the circle is WestMain, if your hungry, this is where you want to be!! Mellow Mushroom, McCreary's Pub, S.O.L., Ben & Jerry's, Sweet CeCe's icecream, Mercantile Deli, Puckets, Meridee's, and we even have a Starbucks. We also have a beautiful Historic Episcipal Church that stays unlocked 24/7. Take a peek inside. Its on West Main just past Sweet CeCe's. Hope you had fun!!!!! -Cross&cresent and St.Superbear.