The Fish From Out Of Town  LbNA # 61092

Placed DateMar 13 2012
LocationRuby Lynch Trail, Franklin, TN
Found ByPair_of_Monkeys
Last UpdateOct 15 2012

The Fish From Out Of Town

**UPDATE:!!!*** Currently unavailable. Too much contruction so I pulled it.

Hi! I am The Fish from out of town. .

Five points on main is where the starbucks is, go north about a mile & there's a sonic, if you will. Then .1 of a mile to the right is a space, ignore North Forth & you'll see a parking place. what I'd do next is pull in and park, i dont recommend this trip after dark. Ruby F Lynch River Walk Trail, If you follow this poem, I dont think you'll fail. Past 2 yellow poles down to the veiw thats not a ridge, just keep on walking past the stonewall bridge. Keep going and walking around the trail bend, a building's on a hill to your left and at it's end.. is A few more yards and there's a sewer man hole. Ive seen a fox or two here, your so much closer to your goal. Now don't be scared, please stand on the lid, 180 yourself to be closer to where this brown box is hid. The river to the left, make sure your outta sight, Six paces foward now turn to your right. Walk straight to the 2 large SQUARE stones that protrude, Bend down to the ground but don't be rude. A nook on the side, to the right to be excact. pull out the little stone and the box but put it back! Thankyou! Crosscresent and St.SuperBear

Please take only one finder's prize, I put in a few. Thankyou.