The Smiling Gnome  LbNA # 61095 (ARCHIVED)

Placed DateMar 14 2012
LocationDesert Breeze Park, Chandler, AZ
Planted ByLyra Lynx    
Found By PunkSoulBrother
Last Found Mar 28 2012
Hike Distance?

Desert Breeze Park is a charming little place with a lake and a train. To get to the smiling gnome, you must park in a hidden parking lot, which is a bit tricky to find. Here's how to get there: off of Desert Breeze and Arizona Ave, there is a police/fire station. Go down this road until you see a parking lot with a yellow fire hydrant in front. DO NOT PARK HERE! Keep going until a lonely parking lot on the right hand side shows up. Park here. Once your car is sitting in this parking lot, find the train tracks. Follow them (watch out for the train!) to the right. Keep walking, but pay close attention to the trees that have an "In Loving Memory" plaque at the bottom. Once you come to the plaque that states, "In Loving Memory of Kathy Immele," face the blue roofed bathrooms and head in in this direction. If you have to, relieve yourself in this bathroom. Across from the bathroom, there's a wooden bridge that leads to a dirt lot surrounded by a fence of ocotillo limbs. Go across the bridge and turn left to a quiet corner landscaped with paloverde trees and agave plants. This is an area with a few logs and boulders. In front of you, there should be a bush. When I placed this box in the spring, the bush was covered in yellow flowers, but I'm not sure if it flowers all year round. By this bush there is a pile of a few rocks, and under them, the smiling gnome hides. I carved this stamp myself, so please be a good letterboxer and put the box back where you found it.