Fish Head/Marble Rock/Julian's Rock **UNAVAILABLE*  LbNA # 611 (ARCHIVED)

Placed DateApr 24 2001
LocationSouthington, CT
Planted ByRubaduc      
Found By Bungalow Boxer
Last Found Oct 16 2007
Hike Distance?

I adopted these boxes but the parking area no longer is available so taking them off the list. Too bad we're losing more and more of our hiking areas.

These letterboxes are hidden in one of our favorite hiking trails behind Lake Compounce located on the Bristol/Southington town line. The first two letterboxes are fairly easy to find. The trail is moderately difficult only due to the climbing over roots and rocks in the trail. Total hiking time one way is approx. 1 hour depending on how much time you spend viewing the bountiful scenery.


From I-84 East or West take exit 31 (Rt. 229/West Street) Follow Rt. 229 North 4 miles. Go past ESPN Broadcast Center to Cross Street light. (Citgo gas station on right). Go left onto cross street and go left onto Lake Ave.

Parking area is on the right 1 mile.

From Rt. 6 East or West in Bristol take Rt. 229 South (King Street) towards Southington. Take right onto Lake Ave. to parking area.

From Rt. 72 West from I-84 East or West - Go to end of Rt. 72 (Highway Part) and go straight at light to Redstone Hill Road. Go thru 2 lights to Lake Ave. Go left onto Lake Ave. to Parking area on right side.


From the parking area take the main blue trail located at the west end of the lot. Stay on the blue trail passing the Tunxis Trail sign. This trail follows a very scenic valley along a boulder strewn stream bed up the side of the mountain. As you hike, keep looking on the right for a very large rock that looks like a giant fish head. Climb up the right side of the fish to the top. You will find your treasure hidden in a cairn at the base of a double trunk tree. Enjoy the view of the stream bed from the top. Carefully climb down the way you came back to the trail.


Continue up blue trail along stream. Cross over at step stone bridge which now has the stream on your right side. Cross back over at three log bridge. (Caution is advised in crossing the log bridges especially when wet or with small children.) Trail smooths out to a large birch tree on the left side. Step out 46 paces up the trail to find a white marble rock in the middle of the trail. Look to the right at a large cairn set back in the woods located behind a group of 5 small trees. The Marble Rock letterbox is hidden in a double trap door located at the back of the cairn.


Back on the blue trail, still going up along the stream bed, cross over the remaining two log bridges. You will now be on the trail marked with blue and yellow blazes. Climb up and up and up thru a tight rock outcropping to a sizable bald granite summit. Take a seat on the log bench and enjoy the view of the valley looking North towards Talcott Mountain. This is a great place to rest, have a snack and some water for the final push to the next and last letterbox. Once rested, keep following the blue and yellow marked trail South along a narrow, twisting, easy path to a "T" intersection. If you choose, you can turn left to a easterly overlook viewing the Bristol/Southington valley. To get to the final letterbox, turn right at the intersection to Julian's Rock. The view South includes Sleeping Giant in Hamden. East looks out to the radio towers in Meriden and North view includes the Hartford skyline. Here's the tricky part. You need to find the cedar tree that is lying on its side but still has branches sticking straight up. This is located along the summit just before the trail starts going down the south side. Once this is located, stand facing West away from the view and look for a flat patch of ground that looks as if it was camped on. Walk thru this flat section of ground going West thru the trees on a small unmarked trail. This will bring you to a small rock outcropping that faces West and has a small fire ring. Once there, follow the outcropping North 12 paces to a small group of stunted trees on your left. Behind these there is a small cairn topped with white granite rocks. Inside there will be the Julian's Rock letterbox.

From here, retrace your steps to the Julian's Rock summit and enjoy the day. To get back to your car, simply return the way you came enjoying the spectacular views of the summit and stream bed along the way.