Wirth Park  LbNA # 6110

OwnerWisconsin Hiker      
Placed DateOct 18 2003
LocationBrookfield, WI
Found By shooting starz
Last Found May 24 2014
Hike Distance1 mi
Last EditedMay 15 2016

Last checked/found: 1-APR-10 The original box was destroyed by an animal in 2008, but a new box is now back in a slightly different spot.

Wirth Park
2585 N. Pilgrim Road (~3 blocks north of North Ave., south of railroad tracks)
Brookfield, WI (suburb west of Milwaukee)

Time: ~45 minutes

Terrain: easy, but parts of the trail could be muddy/mushy in the spring or if there has been recent rainfall. The path can be a little hard to follow in the fall due to leaves hiding the trail.

Park in the north lot near the swimming pool.

This area was originally home to the Sac and Potowatomi tribes. The first white settlers arrived in the 1820s and by 1840 the census showed a population of 148. Brookfield remained a quiet agricultural community until after World War II when suburban development began. The City of Brookfield was incorporated on August 14, 1954. Franklin Wirth served as the first Mayor from 1954 to 1976 and land for this park was purchased in 1961.

The original “city” covered an area of 17.5 square miles and had a population of 7,900. At the time, much of the land was still in agricultural use. The City's founders set out to build a community with a strong industrial and commercial base by encouraging orderly development of office and industrial areas. In 2003, Brookfield covers 26 square miles, numbers over 38,000 residents, and is a major business, retail, and industrial hub in southeastern Wisconsin.

From the parking lot, locate the picnic shelter to the west. Count the number of vertical posts supporting the shelter. _____(A) From the middle post on the northwest side of the shelter take a bearing of 300 degrees. You will find a path that enters the woods. The path winds west, then southeast. Shortly after entering the path you will pass a bench on your right and railroad tracks will also be on your right.

When you come to the fork in the trail, take the left path. After approximately 10 minutes from when you left the shelter, you will come to a boardwalk and bridge on your right. Cross the boardwalk and bridge. Count the number of vertical posts supporting the bridge. _______(B)

Take the right path at the intersection after the bridge. Continue on path, keeping an eye open for a blue heron that is frequently in the area. The path passes thru an open area, then enters some woods. As you enter the woods you will pass a bench on your right. When you reach a second bench, stop. Take the trail located on a bearing of (A+B)*5.

When you come to a bench on your left, stop, and then backtrack A steps. Take a bearing of (3*A)+B, and take approximately A steps on this bearing to the back of a fallen one. What you seek is located underneath the middle area.

To return to your car, continue along the same path until you reach the parking areas. Proceed along the roadway back to your vehicle.

We'd appreciate a status update if you hunt for the box (the original box was the first letterbox I ever planted).