Old Spring Tea  LbNA # 61126

Placed DateMar 17 2012
LocationMingo Creek County Park, Eighty Four, PA
Found By Girl Scout Troop 51945
Last Found Nov 16 2013
Hike Distance?

Enter the park from Sichi Hill Road off of Route 136, then turn Right onto Sugar Run Road and Right onto Mingo Creek Road. A little ways down this road take a right to park in the parking lot by Shelters 1 & 2 (on the left).

Now walk over the bridge made of iron & stone,
Up the hill on the road where no autos may roam
On the left take the trail where the spring was of old,
Four by four cross your path up the slope you were told

Fourteen plus one more lead you past the old home,
Where four stone steps of old lead right up to no door
Past this ghost house go quick on the path to the right
Over four by four (one more) and stay out of sight

Of muggles as you will soon be within sight
Of black pipe with clear flowing off to the right
Move on up the trail past the old box of brick
but you are quite close so go slow now not quick

Find small bridge number one with handrails made of wood,
Backtrack just a dozen toward the stone box and you should
See a Red Oak of the North with two trunks to your right
30 paces from trail past this tree find the light

This tree has pale bark but a dark barked and small friend
Is beside it and near to the stone that marks the end
Tea time is at 12 behind this 9 rooted tree
And please cover this up again before you flee!