Down Under Series  LbNA # 612

Placed DateOct 20 2001
LocationWayne, NJ
Found By (hidden)
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Down Under Letterbox Series (5)
High Mountain Preserve Park
Placed by Wingfoot on 10/20/01
Updated 07/23/2005
Wayne, Passaic County, New Jersey

I would like to thank all the letterboxers who spent time maintaining this series. A box, bags, and notebooks were all replaced. Also someone even remounted the Down Under stamp. Thanks again.

This hike can be combined with the PANCAKE HOLLOW SERIES.

Clues: Easy
Terrain: Moderate with one long climb
Time: 2 to 3 hours

How this series came to be.
I received a free stamp with an order of inkpads. The stamp was of a Koala Bear. From that stamp came this series. There is one home made and four manufactured stamps all with an Australian theme.

NOTES Please be discreet, as some areas of this park are heavily traveled.
Motorized vehicles tracks can be found in many areas of the park. Be vigilent while hiking here.
The trail has alot of loose rocky areas, proper footwear is required.
There are literally dozens of unmarked trails here and the blazed trails have many abrupt turns.

A map of the preserve can be printed at:

The start point of this series is in Franklin Lakes New Jersey. From Route 208 take High Mountain Road to Reservoir Drive. On Reservoir Drive about a mile down, just after the circle in the middle of road on the left is a gated dirt road where this series starts.

Down Under
Start up the fire road. When the fireroad splits go left. The white blazes start just up the trail. Start on white blaze trail. Eventually you'll see a small tree on the left of the trail with a blaze on it. You'll notice two big split trees behind the small tree, the farthest tree has four trunks, two of which have fallen. From small tree go 3 paces at 90 degrees to big split tree. From that tree go 5 paces 140 degrees to the other big tree. Under the trunk of the tree which had fallen across the white trail and has been cut, in a pile of rocks is what you seek.

Please hide box hidden from view after stamping in.

Continue along white trail. You'll pass a tee box at the North Jersey Country club. Stay on trail. After a sharp left in trail you'll come to a sharp right in trail. Just beyond the right turn (straight up an unmarked trail) you'll notice an uprooted tree. The trees roots jet nine feet in the air. Another tree has fallen and landed on the trees roots. In the base of the stump of the tree that has fallen is what you're searching for. Use a stick, just in case.

Please hide box hidden from view after stamping in.

Go back and pick up white trail. Eventually you'll reach the red trail. Take right on red trail. Take yellow trail on left of red trail. Eventually you'll come to a tree on right of trail. Carved into tree below the blaze is "Art is beautiful 4ever". The planter of this box did not make the carving. From that tree go 10 paces at 240 degrees to another tree. Behind tree, under a pile of rocks is what you're searching for.

Please hide box hidden from view after stamping in.

Continue along yellow trail beginning your climb of High Mountain. Stop and enjoy view along right side of trail. While crossing summit you'll see a big rock on left of trail. Standing on the rock gives a great view of the manhatten skyline on a clear day. Unfortunately there is a lot broken glass around the rock so please be careful. Begin your descent staying on yellow trail. At one point you'll go down a steep section, and then veer slightly left. You'll notice two trees that both have a red X in a red box on them along right side of trial a few feet off the trail. From tree on left go 24 paces at 230 degrees to tree. In the trees crevice at the bottom is what you're searching for. If you come to a piece of a jeep on the right side of the trail, you've gone too far. Turn around it's just a little bit back on the trail. Use a stick just in case.

Please hide box hidden from view after stamping in.

Continue along yellow trail. Cross red trail and stay on yellow trail. Eventually you'll come to a tree on left of the trail with two metal objects hammered into tree about 5 feet up the tree. Continue along trail for 12 paces. Then go 6 paces at 300 degrees to a small tree with many little trunks. Inside trees cavity under a rock is what you're searching for. You may want to use a stick. Hide box in tree hidden from view when you are finished stamping in.

Continue on yellow trail to exit park near white trail entrance.