Nexus  LbNA # 61245

Placed DateMar 27 2012
LocationCentral Rio Grande Bridge, Albuquerque, NM
Found By Astro D
Last Found Jan 1 2013
Hike Distance?


This is NOT a geocache. Please do not take the stamps from the box.
Bring your own ink.
The logbook is 1" by 11/2" so bring your tiny signature stamp or only stamp a small part of your signature stamp on a page so you have room to write.
Magnetic keyholder.

Here's a spot where the intersection of nature and man is obvious; the concrete and steel of Route 66 cross the water, woods, and sky of the Rio Grande Bosque. The stamp image is from Mimbres pottery.

Historically, the Pueblo and Navajo peoples also had names for the Rio Grande/Rio Bravo:
mets'ichi chena, Keresan, "Big River"
posoge, Tewa, "Big River"
paslápaane, Tiwa, "Big River"
hañapakwa, Towa, "Great Waters"
The four Pueblo names likely predated the Spanish entrada by several centuries.[15]
Tó Baʼáadi, Navajo, "Female River" (the direction south is female in Navajo cosmology)[16]

Driving directions: From the I-25, I-40 intersection take I-25 south and then exit on Central and drive on historic Route 66 south through downtown Albuquerque. After the Rio Grande Boulevard intersection get in the right lane. When you get to the Albuquerque Bio Park entrance keep straight to the traffic light and turn right into the parking lot for the little zoo train. Park there then walk east up the bike trail to the Rio Grande Bridge. Danger, there are six lanes of heavy traffic here and many of the drivers are inebriated or distracted on cell phones or both. Keep a tight rein on kids and dogs.

Clues: The art work along the bridge has answers to these questions which you need to find the box. Start at the upriver east corner of the bridge.
1. The Great Rio Grande ___.
2. How many birds in the artwork? __.
3. What animal in the Pleistocene Megafauna has tusks?(It's not mammoth, you'll read about it in the overlook ahead)
4. What pussycat is an example of megafauna?
5. What swimming creature grew up to 45 feet long?
The names on the benches are what the river has been called.
6. What plant is an example of Paleolithic Technology?(It's not corn--go back to the overlook and read again)
7. What type of head is along the southwest edge of Paleolithic Technology?
8. What type of animal represents muscle power in the artwork?(singular)
9. What insect is shown in Technological Fusion?

You need to get to the downriver side of the bridge but it's unsafe to cross here. Enjoy the walk back the way you came and look at the volcanic cone to the west with the J on it and look south at the northernmost peak of the Manzano Mountains, Cedro Peak.
10. What is the name of the artwork on the downriver east end of the bridge?
11. What's the name of the route Onate started?
12. What animal pulled the cart on the southwest end of the artwork?
13. What is the Pueblo woman doing?(one word)
14. Sauropods ate flowering plants beside what kind of Sea?
15. What creature in the artwork made the river valley so barren?
16. What tool is shown in "We are nature?"

Again walk back the way you came. When you get to a bench that says that the Rio Grande is sometimes called wa b'eihla, have a seat.

Warning: Do not stand in the street including the bike lane. The letterbox isn't there and it's insanely dangerous.

Stand where Cedro Peak is at a bearing of (number of letters in the answer to #13 minus number of letters in #1)(Number of letters in answer#16)(Number of letters in the answer to #5 minus number of letters in the answer to #10)

Also stand where the J on the volcanic cone is at a bearing of (number of letters in the answer to #9) (number of letters in the answer to #3 plus the number of letters in the answer to #6)

If you're in the right spot, the decorative route 66 sign on the upriver west corner of the bridge will be at bearing(number of letters in the answer to #12)(number of letters in the answer to #14)(number of letters in the answer to #7 minus the number of letters in the answer to #8)

Upper right-hand corner.

Please rehide exactly where you found it so it'll be there for the next letterboxer.

Thanks for playing.