Wind Cave Park Webbox  LbNA # 61264

Placed DateMar 29 2012
LocationWind Cave National Park, Pringle, SD
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Hike Distance?

Walking distance: about 0.2 mile one way
Trail difficulty: flat and very easy

The answers to the questions in the clues for this webbox are located in Wind Cave National Park in far southwestern South Dakota. Letterboxes are not allowed to be physically placed in national parks. So, I have created this webbox. You must actually visit the area of the clues; however, you need to go to the Web to obtain your finders stamp and sign the log book.

Enter Wind Cave National Park and park at the visitor center.

Exit from the north end of the visitor center building and start walking north on the trail to a natural cave entrance. Look along the trail for a small brown wooden interpretive sign titled “PAHASAPA LIMESTONE”. In the paragraph, in the 2nd line (starts with the word “formed”, what is the 4th word ____?

Continue walking on the trail and look for a large tall informational sign titled “Prairie Vista Trail” (it has a map of the trail on it and pictures of some animals including a Bison and Rattlesnake). In the 1st paragraph on the left, in the 1st line (starts with the word “Many”), what is the 3rd word _____?

To create the mystery word, put the word from the second question on the end of the word from the first question (without spaces). Paste the mystery word into this URL (replacing the question marks “???” with the mystery word):

Now, plug/paste/type the new URL into your web browser and you will have completed your search for the Wind Cave Park Webbox.

Please record your find at .

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