The Duck Pond  LbNA # 61267

OwnerPeace of Cake    
Placed DateMar 28 2012
LocationEast Kings Highway Park, Shreveport, LA
Found By Blue180m
Last Found Apr 13 2012
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The official name is East Kings Highway Park, but this wonderful play area along Old River is known to locals as "the duck pond". Lots of play structures, swings, slides, picnic tables, a waterfront location and, of course, the ducks, make this soft-surfaced playground a great place to spend an afternoon! Open dawn to dusk. Restroom facility available.

To find the box:

*Park in the lot at the intersection of E. Kings & Reily Ln.
*If anyone has to "go", now is your chance... ;)
*Take the trail
*Pass the "noble steed", but don't get thrown in the dungeon
*Go past the 1st "octo-pier" & pass the skatebarder's paradise.
*Ahoy-Matey...Approach the 'Orange Jewel" pirateship with caution. (Make sure and wave to Moby Dick)
*Swim past Flipper the Seal
*Now you're getting the "swing" of things
*Don't get swallowed up by the BIG fish
*You will see "octo-pier" #2
*To the left of the pier stands a omnious tree (Face the tree with your back to the pond)
*Look to the base...It's "bark" is worse than it's bite.
Happy Letterboxing! Have fun and rehide well!