Dog on a Pearl Street Path  LbNA # 61278 (ARCHIVED)

Placed DateMar 31 2012
LocationWesthaven, Franklin, TN
Found By crosscresent
Last Found Apr 20 2012
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Dog on a Pearl Street Path
Westhaven, Franklin, TN

On a beautiful tree-lined street in a neighborhood west of Franklin, lives a miniature poodle named Mousse. He's not a moose, and he's not a mouse. What he is is soft and fluffy and the color of chocolate. He likes to meet kids. He likes to chew on his stuffed panda. He likes people to pet him. And he loves to take walks with his friends along the Pearl Street Path. His friends can frequently be found on the swings or slide or balance beam at the Pearl Street playground... and that's where you should start your search for him.

To get to the Pearl Seet playground by car, drive on highway 96 west of downtown Franklin about three miles until you see a grocery store called Harris Teeter on the left. From the Harris Teeter, follow Front Street around the lake, keeping the lake on your right, to a white building with black awnings a a golden V. Turn left and continue about two block to a traffic circle. Go around the circle to the ninth exit, and head toward the big, white clubhouse. Look on the right for the green playground equipment of the Pearl Street playground less than a block from the circle. Parallel park and continue your journey on foot.

From the playground, walk the same route Mousse typically walks... along the path next to the pond. Mousse is not much of a fisherdog, but you might enjoy fishing here! Or maybe you just want to watch just under the surface of the water for a large, brightly colored koi. Watch for an old dead tree on your left as you come around the pond. There's a chain hanging from it. Nobody knows why it's there, but there are stories that this street is haunted by the ghost of Nelda Moss, and the chain is said to rattle after dusk each year on the Saturday before Halloween. Continue down the path till you come to an intersection. Mousse sometimes goes straight, sometimes goes right, and sometimes goes across the small bridge to the left. That's the way you should go, too. And look under the end of the bridge, at the corner closest to the pond, to find a special letterbox stamp from Mousse!