Pipers Meadow  LbNA # 61283

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Placed DateApr 1 2012
LocationPipers Meadow, County Rd 43, Glen Haven, CO
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Enter Glen Haven via County Road 43 / aka Devils Gulch Road from Estes Park or from Drake, Colorado. Crosier Mountain Trail, Glen Haven Trail Head.

Park your car across the street from the Stables in downtown Glen Haven.
Hike up the road behind the stables, stay to the right for the Pipers Meadow trail head. Take this trail to Pipers Meadow, staying to the left.

It is approximately 45 minutes to the meadow, (give or take). It is an uphill climb for a while, but levels out a bit. It is a moderate hike, 1.07 miles to the meadow.

The trail climbs to the south through Ponderosa pine, fir and juniper. After about 0.8 miles, the trail tops out on a ridge, where it intersects with a trail to the H-G Ranch. (Stay to the left). After a drop into a small canyon, the trail climbs to Piper Meadow. Henry Piper operated a dairy farm here from around 1913 to the 1930s. The foundations of some of the buildings can still be seen. The trail follows the edge of the meadow to the south side.

Once you arrive in this beautiful meadow, you will look for a large rock outcropping (approximately 5 feet high) on the South the side of the meadow. Head to this rock. At the base of the rock, (south side), you will find a a crevice with a SPOR (suspicious pile of rocks) at the base. Under these rocks you will uncover our letterboxing container.

Pack a lunch and enjoy this beautiful hike. Sit back and enjoy your lunch at the letterboxing sight. The views are amazing and awesome!
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